2016 Gibson County Preview
Reserve Grand Champion Steer
A several time winner for the Morris family, IN
Raised by us & sold to Streitmatter Show Cattle, IN
2016 Kentucky State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Female
Shown by Harrod Farms, KY
2016 World Beef Expo
Grand Champion Charolais/AOB Female
Shown by the Boyert family, OH
D&D Miss Kay (Bud Heavy x D&D Kennedy)
2015 Reserve National ROE Champion Female
Shown by Harrod Farms, KY and Long-Hall, OH
2016 National Jr. Charolais Show
Grand Champion Steer
2016 Tennessee Jr. Livestock Expo
Grand Champion Steer
Shown by the Rowlett family, TN
2016 Ohio Beef Expo Champion AOB Heifer
2016 NWSS Res. Division Champion
Shown by the Boyert family
Class Winner 2011 AIJCA Jr. National Congratulations Jaid Runft Class Winner 2010 Hoosier Beef Congress
Class Winner 2011 IN State Fair 2X Grand Steer Congratulations Collisi Family
Reserve Champion Charolais Female
2011 Indiana State Fair
Champion Charolais Female 2010 IN State Fair Division Winner 2010 NAILE
Congratulations Christian Spurlock
2010 AICA National Champion Bull
Congratulations to Zehender Cattle,
Ott Show Cattle, & Flying JRL Ranch
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer
2010 Illinois State Fair
Congratulations Thurnau Family
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer
2009 Hoosier Beef Congress
Congratualtions Andrea Steele
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer
2008 Hoosier Beef Congress
Class Winner 2008 Hoosier Beef Congress
Kennedy X Wave on Wave Steer
Champion Charolais Steer Mulitple Times
1 Grand & 1 Res. Grand
Congratulations Adkins Family
Class Winner 2008 Chi Jr. Nationals
Several time Champion Composite and AOB
3 Grands and Reserve Supreme
Congratulations Bryce Hayden
C Layla P635
Res.Grand Female 2008 American Royal
Division Champion 2008 NWSS
Owned with Samsel Cattle Co Cloverdale, IN
Champion Charolais
2008 Indiana State Fair Open & 4-H shows

Congratulations Christian Spurlock
39th AICA National Champion Bull 2007 NAILE Grand Champion Bull 2007 NWSS
2006-2007 AICA Show Bull of the Year
Reserve Champion Charolais Heifer
2007 Hoosier Beef Congress
National Calf Champion, 2007 Fort Worth
National Calf Champion, 2006 American Royal
D&D Miss Carli
A special thanks to Rainbow Cattle Service
(the Kelley Family) for their helping hand in
INXS's sucess in Denver.
National Champion Cow/Calf Pair, 2006 AIJCA
Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair,
2006 Indiana State Fair
Class Winner, 2006 AIJCA
Shown by Kendal Bauman
Grand Champion Female, 2006 MN Sate Fair
Shown by Polzin-Zehnder cattle & Jeff Jaderbog
National Spring Bull Calf Champion, 2006 NWSS
Grand Champion Bull, 2006 Indiana Sate Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Female,
2006 NAILE Jr. Show
Reserve Junior Champion Female, 2005 NWSS
Reserve Grand Champion Female,
2004 KY State Fair
Grand Champion Bull,
2005 North Dakota State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Bull,
2006 North Dakota State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Bull,
2006 South Dakota State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Bull, 2005 IN Sate Fair
Class WInner, 2004 NAILE
Reserve National Champion Female,
2004 Houston
Reserve Grand Champion Female, 2004 NWSS
Grand Champion Female, 2003 NAILE
Grand Champion Female, 2003 KY State Fair
Grand Champion Female,
2003 AIJCA Junior National Champion
Reserve Intermediate Champion Female,
2002 Houston Stock Show
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