D&D MS Covergirl
WCR Prime Cut 764 X TO'S RC Viking 8155 • F967558

Covergirl is one of the all time greats of the charolais breed. Her track record is matched by very few. Her sons include D&D INXS 2530 the 39th National Champion Bull, WDZ Norther Wind the 42nd National Champion Bull, Autumn at The Crossroads high selling bulls D&D Trueblood 1187, and D&D Ring of Fire1102 to Wright Charolais. Her Daughters include $14,000high sellers Covergirl Carey 2624, Ms Covergirl 1001owned with Jaid Runft, and Ms Covergirl 1101 owned with Carey Farms of GA. Covergirl's pedigree is appealing to many Charolais Breeders because it is stacked on both sides with breed greats and former National Champions. She is straight in her lines, smooth, and feminine. Her milking capability is unsurpassed, as INXS had an adjusted BW of 91, WW of 918, and YW of 1500. Her daughters and sons are proving to be successful in both the show ring and pasture.
WCC Ms Leader Joe R36 PL
ABC Leader L165 X RCR Ms Smokin Joe 15N P • F1028733

Leader Joe R36 "Josie" is a superb outcross donor who happens to be the dam of Doubs great herdsire D&D Frazier 2818 Pld. She was recently selected a choice of the Lot 1 Donors, 1/2 interest for $7500, to Creasey Charolias in the Autumn at The Crossroads 2012 Sale. Josie is awesome in her design, super stout, extremely long sided and fronted. Being a daughter of 15N and Grandaughter of H124 make her a valuable breeding piece.

Owned with Creasey Charolais, Macomb, IL
RHC Ms Haversham 204 "Chubbs"
SIRE: VCR Duke 914 PLD • DAM: RHC Ms Ease 004
Reg#: F972020

Chubbs is a superior female with excellent udder shape. She has plenty of volume, quality, and pedigree to back her up. We think she is the Best 914 daughter in the breed! With her moderation and design she is the ideal female to flush clubby or mate for exciting purebreds.

BC Ms E46 Wind 637
SIRE: LHD Cigar E46 • DAM: BC Ms E46 Wind 9013
Reg#: EF1064470

This is the best of several full sisters out of the great BC Ms E46 Wind 9013. 637 is a beautifully constructed female who gives an abundance of milk. Her full sisters have highlighted the Autumn at The Crossroads Sale the last several years. One of the top producing females within the breed possessing the popular Wind x Cigar cross.

AC MS Lady Cigar 640P ET
SIRE: VCR Duke 914 PLD • DAM: MD Ms Cigar G129

The time tested mating of the Charolais breed, Duke 914 X Cigar, is represented in this feature Donor. 640 is one heck of a beast. Her donor dam is the popular G129 of Josh and Regan Andres. This is the best G129 daughter anywhere. She's a very fertile donor that will flat out get the job done.

JDJ Ms Safelite S468
SIRE: CJC Safelite M620 • DAM: JDJ Ms Trademark N77
Reg#: F1053098

Safelite is one rare species. Hardly do you find a female with so much power, mass, and bone who can still have a killer look. Her pedigree is straight Debruycker breeding. The Safelite cattle are among the best, most consistent, highest performing of all Debruycker Genetics. Her outcross pedigree and diversity to work in either a purebred or club calf setting makes her a valuable asset.

Owned with: Hudspeth Farms St Joe, AR


BC Ms Reality X02 TW PLD
M6 E46 Quality 4241 PET
SIRE: LHD Cigar E46 • DAM: M6 Ms 761 Quality 1154 PET

Ms Quality is one of the most powerful Cigar Females we have ever seen. She was the highlight of the Sale of Excellence, where we partnered with Hudspeth Farms to purchase her. She is straight bred from the well respected M6 Ranch. Her pedigree and EDP's are attractive and rank at the top of the breed. We are excited about future matings by this powerful Cigar Donor to Wyoming Wind and Cooley Royce.


D&D Ms Kennedy 2920 Pld ET
SIRE: LHD Cigar E46 • DAM: D&D Miss Kennedy 2333

Ms Kennedy 2920 was selected as the high selling heifer from our 2009 sale. She was shown successfully by Andrea Steele and was a class winner for her at the 2010 NAILE. 2920 is being used extensively in our ET club calf program. Her sire Cigar E46 is one of the all time greatest Charolais Bulls in the history of the breed. Her dam Miss Kennedy 2333 is one of the top females in the breed. We think she has the capability of being just as successful as her proven and popular donor dam.

Owned with:
Steele Showstock, Bainbridge, IN

Embryos available by Monopoly Money & Heatwave 14

GP 4020 Ms Cindy N73 ET
SIRE: LT Wyoming Wind 4020 • DAM: GP Ms Ease 852 ET • F872960

After completing a very successful show career of her own Ms Cindy is quicly becoming a lead donor for us. Ms Cindy and her calf were the 2006 AIJCA Jr. National Champion Cow/Calf. Four months later her calf, D&D Ms Cali was selected National Champion Calf at the 38th National Charolais Show in Kansas City. Ms Cindy has strong maternal traits and unbelievable milking capability. We are excited about this young female and her potential to be one of the most popular Wyoming Wind daughters in production. Thank you to Blankers Cattle Company IL, for selecting half interest in Ms Cindy making her the second high seller from the fourth annual Autumn @ The Crossroads.

Owners: Doub Charolais
Blankers Cattle Company IL


D&D MS Kennedy
SIRE: LY Wyoming Wind 4020 PLD • DAM: RJBJ-TMB Blizzard 447D • F967560

Ms Kennedy is without a doubt the most successful show heifer we have ever campaigned. Her list of winnings include 2003 AIJCA Jr. National Champion, Grand Champion Charolais Female 2003 NAILE, Reserve Grand Champion Charolais Female 2004 NWSS, and 2004 Reserve Grand National Champion Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. All of these winnings made Ms Kennedy the 2003-2004 AICA Show Female of the Year. On her tour across the country she gained many fans from several cattlemen of various breeds. In just a short amount of time since her show career Ms Kennedy has already proven to be just as successful as a top matron. She has already produced winners at the national level. We have also used her very successfully to produce some excellent composites and smokys. Her progeny are annually sale features and in demand, watch for them at the Autuman @ The Crossroads Sale.

Embryos are available out of Ms Kennedy by Sparrows Madrid 7M, Keys McHenry 24M, RA Big Cat 9017, Mossy Oak, Wave on Wave, Paddy O'Mally, D&D Dominator 2762, & JWK Impressive D040 ET

SFC MS Caroline 010
SIRE: JBJ-TMB Blizzard 447D • DAM: CC Gen X 700 • F900003

Caroline is the center of our donor program. She is the dam of D&D Ms Kennedy and is sired by the former National Champion Bull Blizzard. She defines the word cow perfectly. She is long sided, deep bodied, and feminine. Caroline is a front pasture cow that demands the attention of all who visit. Her ET progeny were sale highlights at our 2005 sale selling to buyers from WY, IN, TX, and MD. We are excited about the future of this top donor mated to Three Trees Wind 0383, D&D INXS, and LHD Cigar E46, and LT Wyoming Wind.
Swegle Creek Peaches 042 ET

Peach is one of our most popular donor females. She combines the championship genetics of JBJ AJ the 2x National Champion Charolais Bull and Swegle Creek Picabo 801 the former Jr. National Champion Female. Peach herself was Champion Charolais Female at the Indiana State Fair in 2002. Her progeny are continuing the winning legacy of this cow family for Bina Charolais, ND and Macy Meadows Charolais, MD. Thank you to Greeson Farms for selecting half interest in Peach from our Inaugural "Autumn at The Crossroads" Sale.

Embryos are available out of Peach by D&D INXS, Three Trees Wind 0383, LC Suspect, & Thomas Bonanza

HC Valentine Statement 9024
SIRE: HCR Statement 6079 • DAM: MNE Banjo 70B • F841105

Valentine was our pick from the Houston National Sale as an open heifer. We campaigned her successfully as a show heifer where she was the Champion Charolais Female at the 2000 Indiana State Fair. She is moderate in her frame and possess tremendous eye appeal. Her 2004 bull, D&D Outlaw was a member of our showstring in 2004-2005 where he caught the eye of top cattlemen across the country. Outlaw was the Reserve Grand Champion Bull at the Indiana State Fair in 2005. Thank you to R&R Charolais for selecting D&D Outlaw as the high selling bull from our "Autumn at The Crossroads" sale.

Embryos available out of Valentine 9024 and LC Suspect 0109

Three Trees Verna 1986 ET
SIRE: LHD Cigar E46 • DAM: Duke 914 • F952316

Verna was our selection from the 2005 Southern Source. She combines two of the breed giants Cigar E46 and Duke 914. She is wide based, feminine, and a real eye catcher in the pasture. Her pedigree is as good of one as you will find. Her Dam Verna E225 is recognized as the $25,000 successful donor for Double H, Spring Ridge, and Three Trees. Hard to find a Cigar daughter as stout as this one is.
*Embryos available by Three Trees Wind 0383
BC MS Wind 9013 ET
SIRE: LT Wyoming Wind 4020 • DAM: Mr. Dempseys WQQ ET

Ms Wind we think is one of the most phenotypically correct Charolais Females we have laid eyes on. We are amazed by her design, balance, and squareness of hip. With the limited supply of Wyoming Wind Semen, we are turning to his daughters to carry on his breed dominance. Her progeny dominated our 08' sale selling to TX and KY and quickly found their way to the backdrops. Watch for her progeny at this years sale they will be impressive.

*Embryos available by Cigar E46 & Dominator 2762.
Owned With:
Cody Runft
Richmond, MO
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